Saturday, 1 August 2009

Dark Lord, dead of alive?

Tal to you; the reader,With Kreg's blade taking away the life of the Dark Lord a huge cry of joy was heard across a number of cities, however "evil" does not stay dead for long. As punishment the PK's returned the Dark Lord alive to the location of his death with no memoires of his past actions and left him at the mercy of the city. Lucky for him he was found by the Head builder "jes" who within moments had informed the Dark Lord that he was in-fact his long lost son 'Kamm'.'Kamm' was taken back to Jeslow's home given clothes, food and bow, with the help of his father and step-father he has enlisted in the warrior caste to protect Scim from all who wish to harm the city and its dwellers’. You would hope that is the end of the path for the Dark Lord, you may also be asking yourself why would Jes take such a risk and form this web of lies to keep Kamm thinking he was his son.It was out of fear, the fear of the Dark Lord once again rising from hell itself and bringing the pain, tears, terror and death to the cities of Gor. Kamm does not remember his past life and can only take the words from his father as the truth however; over the past 3 weeks mistakes have been made by visitors to the city, comments have been made which has left Kamm very confused. He searched the library for records off this Dark Lord he as heard so much about (and accused of being) he was limited by the fact most off the records had been hidden by Jes. So he resulted to finding a way to remember again by any means possible, he was lucky in his search by locating a recipe for a tea that drunk over time may result in the drinker gaining the lost memories.Kamm is no green while mixing the tea he was rushing, the old urth saying “Less speed more hast” would apply here, as he mixed the tea wrongly. This resulted in a split person by day a warrior by night the Dark Lord, over time the Dark Lord has more control over the body and mind and soon he will be full again ready to strike at the ones who fooled him into his new life and also his killer. Kamm has no idea that the tea is working as he can not remember still so he returns to the tea and drinks it every day behind his fathers back.
What will happen next, stay turned to find out and pray to the PKs at night not to fall into the dark shadow of the Dark Lord

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